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2022 Prices Delivered at Ormond Beach, FL

$199,000 – Rotax 912iS (Fuel Injection)

$213,000 – Rotax 914UL Turbo 

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What is The Super Petrel LS?

The Super Petrel LS is an amphibious biplane with flight qualities of a low wing, cruise speed of a regular upper wing, easy and safe flying. It has robust structure and corrosion resistance and simplicity of systems. The Super Petrel LS utilizes the Rotax engine model 912 iS with digital panel. 

Why Choose a Super Petrel LSA

Things to consider…..

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See what a Super Petrel owner says about his aircraft 

Pilot Perspective Of The Perfect Airplane

Ask a hundred different pilots what is the perfect airplane and you’ll get two hundred different answers. Not what’s your favorite airplane (the P51 Mustang will win that one), rather the perfect airplane.  Is there

Building The Super Petrel Light Sport Aircraft

I often field the question of “why do aircraft cost so much”? There is a good answer to this question when you begin to examine all the components involved. When building the Super Petrel light

Rotax Engines Propeller Vibrations Importance

Many years ago, the “Beach Boys” wrote a great song about “good vibrations”. Rotax and Scoda do not sing that same tune. When it comes to aircraft engines or airframes, vibration is a bad thing.