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Super Petrel Flight Instructor Association (SPFIA)

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Factory-Sponsored Super Petrel Pilot Training

The Super Petrel Flight Instructor Association (SPFIA) is the only Scoda Aeronautica Factory Certified flight instruction program for the Super Petrel LS and XP aircraft. Training locations are at the Super Petrel USA facility in Ormond Beach Florida or in Virginia at Louisa County Airport / Lake Anna with Wings of Gold Aviation (WOGA).

Whether you are purchasing a new Super Petrel aircraft or a previously owned, flight training is the best insurance you can purchase. Our goal is to provide the best and safest flight training available.


  • One-On-One Instruction with a Super Petrel Certified CFI

  • Flight and Ground Instruction for New Owners of New and previously owned aircraft

  • Take-Offs and Landings on Water and Runways

  • Training conducted at Super Petrel USA in Ormond Beach or Wings of Gold Aviation at Lousia County Airport / Lake Anna in Virginia


Get the SES Rating in a Super Petrel at Water Wings Seaplane School (KEET)

Mark "Ziggy" Ziegler

Bill Gortney

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Dan “Danno” Pedersen

Our Chief Pilot Dan “Danno” Pedersen is the owner of a 2021 912iS fuel injected 400 series Super Petrel LS. He took delivery of his aircraft in October of 2021 and, combined with flying the Super Petrel USA demo aircraft, has logged more than 200 hours in the Super Petrel in less than 8 months. Dan lives in Sanford, Florida and uses his aircraft to commute to Ormond Beach to perform demonstration flights here at our facility. Dan lived in Texas where he held various positions at Link Simulation and Training before transferring to Sanford to manage a flight school. Dan graduated from the Naval Academy and spent 20 years serving as a Naval Aviator primarily piloting the FA-18 Hornet.

Recent Times:
After receiving extensive factory training in the Super Petrel for the role of Instructor Pilot, Dan recently became the latest member of the Super Petrel Flight Instructor Association. (SPFIA). In addition to his role as a demonstration pilot, “Danno” is now available to provide initial transition training in new owner’s aircraft.

In his own words:

I flew amazing aircraft in the US Navy but without reservation I must say a flight in the Super Petrel is the most fun one can have piloting. I was actually out of flying for 20 years until I discovered the Super Petrel. I happened to see a video of a shipmate and my former FA-18 instructor (Vice Admiral Wm Gortney) providing a testimony about his Super Petrel. I contacted him and the rest is history. Flying in Florida, I consistently find bodies of water that are just too inviting to pass up.  I thoroughly enjoy sharing the joy of water landings with our many potential customers.  Just watch them smile as we touch down on the water! It happens every time.

I was completely sold on the Super Petrel after my first flight. I believe this is the first time I have ever made a major purchase that I did not have a moment of “buyers’ remorse”. 

Dan “DANNO” Pedersen, Super Petrel USA Chief Pilot


Mark (Ziggy) Ziegler**
Super Petrel Flight Instructor Association Broadlands, Virginia Phone: 704.723.3849 Email:

Training Center Locations

* South: Ormond Beach, FL 

** Northeast: Wings of Gold Aviation, LLC 

Jon Beard
Star Flight Training

Dan “Danno” Pedersen
Super Petrel USA Chief Pilot
Sanford, Florida
Phone: 682.225.9939

Private One on One Instruction in Owner Aircraft 

With The Super Petrel Flight Instructor Association (SPFIA)

Get the SES Rating in a Super Petrel at

Water Wings Seaplane School (KEET)

 Super Petrel LS Turbo Aircraft Instruction 

Now Available at

Charles Welden: Water Wings Seaplane School Owner and Designated Pilot Examiner

Zac Contorno: Water Wings Seaplane School Instructor Pilot

Phones: 205-651-7000 | Toll-Free 1-888-I-FLY-WET (435-9938)


Water Wings Seaplane School (KEET)

Super Petrel LS Factory Authorized Instruction 

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Receive SES Rating in New Super Petrel LS N60SP


New Super Petrel Owner Flight Training

Super Petrel Flight Instructor Association Members (SPFIA)

Charles Welden: Water Wings Seaplane School Owner and Designated Pilot Examiner

Zac Contorno: Water Wings Seaplane School Instructor Pilot

Phones: 205-651-7000 | Toll-Free 1-888-I-FLY-WET (435-9938)



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