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Super Petrel owner Frankie Ridolfi (April 2021)

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Super Petrel owner Jay King (March 2021)

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Montana,..... 5 degrees (F) and sunny.... waiting for Summer!!! Is coming?....there was ice floating down the Flathead river this morning.

The ship is everything I expected and more... I can't believe the quality of the craftsmanship. Structure, design, composite and fabric. We're going to really enjoy it. The acceleration is unbelievable, and the ship so responsive... (and so simple to operate). We got off the runway here with 45 degrees F at 3000 feet MSL in less than 600 feet. (with two fat guys and 15 gallons of fuel , and I wasn't even trying).. We had a great time up here with Mike, even though the weather sucked and we only got to fly one day out of 3...thanks for the contact. He's very knowledgeable and a great instructor. We've got him scheduled to come up again the first of May when (hopefully) the weather is better. N406SP looks BEAUTIFUL In MY hanger...

Thanks, Roger, for all your help and all you do. It is really appreciated

Tom S.

March 15, 2020

Tom S Plane