Super Petrel USA Inc.

Where We’ve Been

In 2002, using much improved technology, building materials and production processes to include the Rotax 912 engine, Scoda Aeronautica produced the first Petrel LS 100, serial number S0001. In 2008 the first Super Petrel LS was built. In 2014 after a team from the FAA visited the Scoda Aeronautica factory in Ipeuna Brazil, the aircraft received FAA approval under the S-LSA category as a Light Sport Aircraft. Currently there are over 50 Super Petrel LS Aircraft registered in the USA and over 400 world-wide.

What We’re Doing Today

In January of 2016, we opened our new Aircraft Sales, Aircraft Re-Assembly and Parts Distribution Center. We are located at the Ormond Beach Airport, (KOMN) Florida.


Where We Are Going

Super Petrel USA, Inc has in 5 years, become the largest distributor of the Scoda Aeronautica produced Super Petrel LS Aircraft worldwide. We currently have aircraft located in Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Wisconsin, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, California, Washington and now British Columbia Canada. We are especially proud to announce the 1st Super Petrel to be in a flight training environment at Water Wings Seaplane School in Alabama. (www.waterwings.com). The list continues to expand with multiple aircraft in many of these states. We are continuing to develop a network of Authorized Sales Agent around the US and eventually designated businesses as Authorized Super Petrel LS Dealers. The goal is to increase our exposure to the flying community by means of “Tell, Show and Demonstrate”. We will continue to produce more “virtual demo flights” by means of professional videos and participate in shows like Sun-N-Fun, Deland Aviation Showcase and AirVenture at Oshkosh if restrictions allow.

Each year we provide a maintenance training course at our Ormond Beach, FL facility. Attendees consist of mechanics, owners, operators and just interested individuals wanting to know more about the Super Petrel LS. Near future plans are to include a pilot refresher course for owners, operators and again anyone just interested in discovering more about the airplane. The course will consist of Maintenance and Flight ground schools and flight refresher training with the Super Petrel Flight Instructor Association (SPFIA) pilots. We continue to provide customer support and service through Zoom Conference Ground Schools for new owners of new aircraft or new owners of previously owned aircraft like Tonya Rutan and her husband Burt. We welcome all to the Super Petrel Family. Super Petrel USA is strong and will be here for our customer’s needs in the future. Fortunate for our business, we have sold and delivered more aircraft in 2020 than any previous year. With the introduction of the “400 Series” aircraft in 2021, we will have completed our “Bucket List” of improvements and changes to the near 20 years of production, from serial number S0001 to serial number S0400.


LS aircraft in yellow and first new XP aircraft (coming) in red