Super Petrel USA Inc.

Roger Helton President Super Petrel USA

Where We’ve Been

In 2002, using much improved technology, building materials and production processes along with the Rotax 912 engine, Scoda Aeronautica produced the first Petrel aircraft. In 2012 the first ever Petrel was delivered to the USA, N280PS, serial number S0280. The aircraft was in the E-LSA category as Experimental. It was the test bed aircraft viewed by the FAA for approval as Special Light Sport or S-LSA.  When Rodrigo Scoda along with other team members from Brazil set up their tent at Sun-N-Fun in 2014, the aircraft on display (N295LS) attracted a great deal of attention. It was the very first Super Petrel LS to enter the USA as Special Light Sport or S-LSA.

Initially the Super Petrel LS aircraft sales were based at Spruce Creek airport near Dayton Beach. In early 2016, the base of operation moved to our current 6,000 sq. ft. hangar at the Ormond Beach airport (KOMN). In the first two years, 5 Super Petrel aircraft were delivered to owners in the USA. When I became a member of the Super Petrel Team in late 2016, there were 4 unsold aircraft in the hangar. We were sure it was just a matter of time until the aircraft would catch on and pilots would discover what a great aircraft the Super Petrel was to fly. At the conclusion of 2023, there will be a total of 57 Super Petrel LS aircraft delivered in the USA.

It was a very slow and humble beginning for the aircraft. As owners took deliveries and began flying their Super Petrels, more and more interest developed with this unique amphibian biplane with a pusher prop. With that, aircraft sales slowly began to increase. When COVID 19 hit in 2020, we had no idea what effect this would have on our aircraft sales. We remember doing demo flights wearing masks and wiping everything down with alcohol wipes. As it turned out, the pandemic did not seem to have any effect on aircraft sales, if anything, just the opposite. We had our best two years of sales on record.

In 2014 when the first Super Petrel LS was granted the S-LSA approval, plans began for the new design aircraft, the XP. Two years into the designing, Rotax introduced the 915iS engine to all OEM aircraft manufactures. The timing was perfect, Scoda Aeronautica began designing the new XP aircraft around that new 915iS fuel injected turbo charged engine.

There is no greater foundation for the production of a new aircraft design, than the lessons learned from the past. With more than twenty years of experience building the first 400 Super Petrel aircraft, the new Super Petrel XP inherits all the experience gained from its predecessor Petrel aircraft. This is “Where We’ve Been”.

What We’re Doing Today

In January of 2024, we will receive the first two production Super Petrel XP aircraft. Rodrigo Scoda and his team from the Scoda Aeronautica factory will arrive in early February to instruct the Super Petrel USA team on the new aircraft reassembly process. Transition flight training and systems ground school will be provided to the Super Petrel USA staff and members of the Super Petrel Fight Instructor Association (SPFIA).

Plans are developing for the Sun-N-Fun show in April 2024. We will have two new Super Petrel XP aircraft on display at our show location LD-002. Thanks to Bill Gortney and Mark Ziegler for placing their aircraft on display (N683WG) alongside the Super Petrel USA demo aircraft N405XP.

So, what are we doing today? Selling the new XP aircraft. We have many orders for the new aircraft currently. Once the demonstration flights begin, we are confident the XP sales will increase. If you are interested in this fantastic aircraft, contact sales@superpetrelusa.com and we would be pleased to start a dialog and send you a purchase agreement to review.

Super Petrel Announces New XP Series

Where We Are Going

Super Petrel USA, Inc is the largest distributor of the Scoda Aeronautica produced Super Petrel LS Aircraft worldwide. We currently have aircraft locations from British Columbia to the Florida Keys. Three years ago, Water Wings Seaplane School in Alabama. (www.waterwings.com) became the first Seaplane School to use the Super Petrel LS Aircraft. This past August aircraft S0402 arrived in Ormond Beach, the very last Gen 2 Super Petrel LS Aircraft, however, it will soon depart and be delivered to Hamburg Germany. The Canadian Gateway has now been opened with C-FBUB residing in Toronto CA. Our future goal is to place many XP aircraft in the beautiful freshwater lakes of Canada.

During the 2022 annual Tri-Fecta event in Ormond Beach, the new Super Petrel XP was introduced. By years end, there were more than ten aircraft sold. The list continues to expand with multiple XP aircraft destined for many states including Alaska. One California buyer has ordered two new XP aircraft and will operate in the bay area. We are also very pleased to know that production time for a new XP aircraft will be considerably less than the previous LS version of the aircraft. Our immediate goal is to receive one container every 30 days with two new XP aircraft inside.

 Each year in the fall, we provide a training event called the Tri-Fecta at our Ormond Beach, FL facility. Attendees consist of mechanics, owners, operators and just interested individuals wanting to know more about the Super Petrel LS and XP aircraft. This year we included “a mishap review, checklist utilization, and best practices” in addition to the 100-hour compliance inspection training. Each year we have an increase in attendees to include A&P mechanics (7), LSRM’s (4) and of course Rodrigo Scoda from the Scoda Aeronautica factory in Brazil.

Our Super Petrel USA website is constantly being updated with new videos and testimonies from our owners along with valuable information. Please check it regularly at www.superpetrelusa.com.

Our goal is to produce the very best Light Sport Amphibian aircraft on the market with the best performance and price. The new XP aircraft has been in development for over 7 years. As with the previous LS aircraft, we will continue to improve and update the XP aircraft over the coming years. As our team continues to grow, our hands on customer service approach to our owners will only get better. We know every aircraft here in the USA and every owner, they will always be “Super Petrel Family”.


LS aircraft in yellow and first new XP aircraft (coming) in red