Dan “Danno” Pedersen

Chief Pilot

Dan “Danno” Pedersen is the Super Petrel USA Chief Pilot and owner of N629DP, a 2021 912iS fuel injected 400 Series Super Petrel LS. He took delivery of his aircraft in October of 2021, combined with flying the Super Petrel USA demo aircraft, has logged more than 750 hours in the Super Petrel in his first 2 years. Dan lives in Sanford, Florida and uses his aircraft to commute to Ormond Beach performing demonstration flights and owner flight instruction here at our facility.

Dan is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and spent 20 years serving as a Naval Aviator on the FA-18 Hornet. His instructor in the Hornet was Bill (Shortney) Gortney. After retiring from the USN, he dropped out of flying for nearly 20 years, that is until he was introduced to the Super Petrel. Danno was an instructor pilot in the Hornet and it is very evident when observing him teach in the Super Petrel aircraft.

He is through and precise when teaching new owners how to safely operate their Super Petrel aircraft. Danno is a member CFI in the Super Petrel Flight Instructor Association (SPFIA) and in October of 2023 he was named Chief Pilot for Super Petrel USA. He performs most of the new aircraft post-reassembly flight testing and setup here in Ormond Beach. Danno’s sense of humor and passion for the Super Petrel aircraft are truly infectious. In his own words, “it is good to be me”.

Dan Danno Pedersen