Super Petrel Trifecta Event November 2022

Super Petrel Trifecta Event November 2022

Hurricane Nicole came ashore the morning of November 10th 2022, a few miles south of Ormond Beach. But that didn’t stop Roger Helton and Rodrigo Scoda from presenting their semi-annual Trifecta maintenance event. Owners, pilots and maintenance personnel of the Super Petrel were in for a big surprise. Here’s what happened at the Super Petrel Trifecta Event November 2022.

They got three days of hands-on, real-world experience under the tutelage of a bevy of experts in the Super Petrel Hangar. The event did get delayed a few hours due to wind and rain.  However, after it started, much information was exchanged about the aircraft, the powerplants, and the avionics.

But the big treat was a total surprise. On Thursday evening, the lights dimmed and the video rolled, introducing, for the first time. And exclusively at the event, the newest iteration of the Super Petrel, the new Super Petrel XP.

Not just a tweak or a re-release with a few changes. The XP is a clean-sheet design, keeping the same basic concept of a two seat , bi-wing amphibious LSA. But taking it to a new level. The new streamlined fuselage with a one-piece canopy allows for a longer hull for enhanced hydrodynamic performance. Also there is more cockpit and baggage space. The fully composite tapered wings improve speed, efficiency and stability. Larger wheels and tires improve operational ability on unimproved surfaces, and the gear operates hydraulically for both ease of operation and mechanical simplicity.

But perhaps the most impactful feature was the introduction of the Rotax 915is Fuel Injected, Turbo at 141 HP. The ubiquitous 100 HP Rotax 912is, the heartbeat of Light Sport aviation, is also available. Fuel capacity has increased to 30 gallons (113.3 liters). The panel sports the Garmin G3 glass package with autopilot. All-in-all, the perfect LSA amphib, the culmination of two decades of engineering and seven years in the designing, the Super Petrel XP is the Ultimate Flying machine.

So, the three day event was filled with comradery, information and pleasant surprises, along with the adventure of experiencing a hurricane first-hand.

Check the events calendar on the Website, or the Facebook  (now META) page, for next year’s Super Petrel Trifecta Event.  See ya in Florida!

Super Petrel Trifecta Event November 2022