Successful Delivery of New Aircraft to Ormond Beach Airport

Super Petrel USA is proud to announce the successful delivery of two new aircraft at our hangar facility on the Ormond Beach Airport early this morning. The aircraft are both sold and will be traveling to their new homes (Montana and Minnesota) after the new year. The re-assembly takes just but a few days to complete and they will face their first test with the FAA in receiving the Airworthiness Certification. Once this is accomplished, the aircraft will be transferred to their new owners and the flight training can begin. We are quite excited about these new aircraft and all the changes made in the past two years. Day and Night VFR capability, the new Garmin G3X Touch dual displays and with these new aircraft the increase in Max Gross to 1,430 pounds (Land Operations Only). In other words, airport to airport (no water operations at that weight).

Super Petrel USA is to receive two more new aircraft from the factory in Brazil  Scoda Aeronautica, LTDA, in the last portion of December, 2019.