Perfect Service – Patt Karr

Patt Karr LSA seaplane Testimony

Knowing that I was buying an airplane that is relatively new to the United States, I must say that I was concerned about customer support should I have any warranty issues or problems.  I must say that my concerns were completely without merit. The one Rotax warranty issue and the few minor problems I have had were handled in a most expeditious and professional manner with no issue of responsibility, you owned it and paid for it.  After flying my plane for more than 30 hours I have found I was completely correct in my initial opinion of its performance and quality.  Your perfect service has assured me that I choose wisely from among the composite LSA seaplane offerings. I could not be happier and thank all of you involved for a wonderful airplane and a fantastic owner experience,  Regard, Patt Karr.

Patt Karr

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