My Great Experience As A Super Petrel Customer

My Great Experience As A Super Petrel Customer

I want to thank you again for providing your time and knowledge about my 2016 Super Petrel, N992SP. It was acquired in June 2020. I wanted to tell about my great experience as a Super Petrel Customer. You have supported me as if I had purchased the aircraft new from you, which is both unique and impressive.

By offering all Super Petrel owners the opportunity to participate in annual maintenance workshops in Ormond Beach speaks volumes of your commitment to this aircraft and their owners.

I appreciate that you’ve promptly provided advice and clarification. The goodwill that you have created with me and other owners provides you with a loyal network and source of referrals for future owners.

The seller referred me to Bill Gortney and Mark Ziegler at Wings of Gold Aviation, LLC in Louisa, Virginia for a pre-buy/annual inspection and transition training. Mark and Bill went out of their way to set up the pre-buy/annual inspection with their local A&P and helped expedite all of the inspections needed. With their guidance, I gained insight into the plane’s maintenance needs. Every step of the process confirmed I made the right purchase decision. Having the opportunity to work with Bill and Mark over the better part of a month was invaluable, memorable and an absolute pleasure. Without a doubt I’m a better pilot after this experience.

Flying has been a passion for as long as I can remember, and I’ve had my pilot’s license about 40 years. The Super Petrel had been on my radar since I first saw it and determined it met my mission requirements of FUN, water, FUN, land, FUN…and more FUN.

Within a 50-mile radius of my grass strip in North Carolina, I have no less than 8 lakes that I have explored on a nearly daily basis. With the doors removed, I find the experience to be awesome, with the cool breeze all around me, cruising from lake to lake at 75 mph. I will normally shoot 10-15 splash-n-goes before returning to my home field. I’ve even flown into a lakeside pickleball game with my buddies! This is the most consistent fun I’ve had since I was a kid. Yep, I’m having a splash, I mean a blast!

Overall, it has been a wonderful experience getting to know my Super Petrel airplane and the people involved. The adventures are just beginning. If you have anyone interested in speaking with a happy, excited owner, please send ‘em my way!

Cool regards!

Mark Hilliard


My Great Experience As A Super Petrel Customer

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