Light Sport Aircraft Are Truly The Freedom To Fly

Light Sport Aircraft Are Truly The Freedom To Fly

Freedom is perhaps an overused and under-appreciated word. Certainly when it comes to the democracy we enjoy in the U.S. Our citizens and guests have an amazing array of rights and privileges. One that I have greatly appreciated for fifty years is my pilot’s license. And when it comes to flying, light sport aircraft are truly the freedom to fly.

Over the years I’ve used my various aircraft for business though I’ve never made my living by flying. But throughout, I’ve found a way to deeply involve myself with flying and aviation to justify those extravaganzas!

More and more, pilots are finding the absolute personification of flying freedom is the Light Sport movement. It is opening aviation opportunities to thousands of pilots, some aspiring, some experienced, but all connected as aviators.

Having been a seaplane pilot for forty of those fifty years, I’ve had ample fun chasing clouds, and there’s nothing more pleasing to me than sharing my passion with others; those who have, or will soon have, the same perspective and access to the lakes, rivers, oceans and bays that we love so much.

Licensed pilots in the U.S. represent less than one tenth of one percent of the population. Those with seaplane ratings are only five percent of that tenth of one percent! So, already, we’re in a unique group.

Light sport has made that access more fun, more affordable and more accessible. There’s one aircraft in this group that takes the category to a new level: Super Petrel LS. There are other aircraft that do some of what the Super Petrel does, and certainly there are some that do a few things the Super Petrel does not. But what it does, it does oh so well.

One needs less that ten fingers to count the available amphib light sports on the market, and less than that to count those that actually make sense. A single thumb up is all that’s needed to acknowledge the leading aircraft that checks all the boxes. In a few words, the Super Petrel LS is an inexpensive, safe, fun, technically-advanced, bi-wing amphibious adventure machine that’s as pleasing to look at as it is to fly.

Light sport aircraft are truly the freedom to fly, and the Super Petrel LS greatly expands that liberty. We live in a wonderful time and place with a unique opportunity to chart our own flight paths, and to do it with style, fervor and a keen sense of adventure.