Important Considerations When Purchasing Previously Owned Aircraft

Important Considerations When Purchasing Previously Owned Aircraft

The Super Petrel LS, like many other aircraft over a period of time will enter the previously owned aircraft market. There are some important considerations when purchasing a previously owned aircraft. Since these aircraft may be immediately available, all the more reason to review a few items prior to purchasing.

Where are they located, how much time on the engine and airframe, has the five-year rubber inspection been completed ? Additionally, who has been maintaining the aircraft and many other important questions.

Two other important questions should be, can I get insurance and where can I get training? If you are new to aviation and have less than 300 hours total time, this insurance question can be a show stopper.

Flight training in the Super Petrel is far easier to acquire. Water Wings Seaplanes in Alabama has two Super Petrel to choose from. Check them out at Another option is to flight train in your own aircraft with one of the Super Petrel Flight Instructors listed on our website.

When purchasing a new aircraft from Super Petrel USA, the purchase agreement stipulates that 10 hours of certified flight training as a condition of delivery and warranty. This of course is not a factor when purchasing a previously owned aircraft. If you are purchasing a  SeaMax, SeaRey or Icon on the used aircraft market, it is usually up to the buyer to locate training in his or her new purchase. The process in making a purchase of a previously owned aircraft should be as follows:

  1. Is in my price range?
  2. What is insurance going to cost?
  3. What training will the insurance company require?
  4. Where can I get trained to fly the aircraft?

Frequently I am asked  “how long will my training take”? Two days, three days? It all depends on you. If you have had previous flight experience in Light Sport Amphibian Aircraft, probably 2-3 days. The real answer to the question is “when you are safe, confident and comfortable in your aircraft”. You and the instructor will make that call. It may take from 5-7 days to accomplish. The primary goal of the training is to ensure your safety, the safety of those who fly with you and to protect your investment. It is a combination of developing good habit patterns and muscle memory.

The Super Petrel is truly a “stick & rudder” aircraft. When comparing the Light Sport vs. “Real Aircraft”. Trust me, there is no difference. To really enjoy your new aircraft to its fullest, learn everything you can from the instructors that know the aircraft best. The worst case scenario is to receive instruction in the Super Petrel from a CFI with a Sea Plane rating but has never seen a Super Petrel before. In that situation, you will both be learning the aircraft together. Not a good plan!

To keep your skills at their peak, fly with a qualified CFI in you aircraft as much as possible.

Plan to take a refresher training course once a year. If you do not have a Single Engine Sea (SES) and have a Private License or higher, go get the rating. The SES schools focus on teaching the water aspect of “Water Flying”. I went to Jack Brown’s like so many others and use what I was taught there every time I fly the Super Petrel.

Check out the list of Certified Super Petrel Flight Instructors on our website then make contact with one of them. These guys are really good! They can answer any of your questions and provide the best training. You deserve the best you can get. Now, go fly!

So remembering these important considerations when purchasing a previously owned aircraft,  will make for a much better purchase.