Disposable Replacement Parts For Super Petrel

Disposable Replacement Parts For Super Petrel

We at Super Petrel USA are always being asked by our aircraft owners, “where can I get certain parts for my aircraft”? Located on the Scoda Aeronautica website http://www.scodaeronautica.com.br/avioes/index.php?pagina=blog is the most current version of the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM). That is where the disposable replacement parts list for Super Petrel can be found.

In the AAM there is a “List of Disposable Replacement Parts”. This is the The Scoda Aeronautica engineers are constantly reviewing or updating this list. The various sections of the list consist of Engine, Fuel, Nose Gear, Main Gear, Controls, Brakes and Battery. Many items show the part number, the supplier as well as how often the part needs to be replaced. Below is an example of the list, keep in mind there is a difference between “Clean or Replace” vs. “Replace”.

Our overall goal is to become less dependent on parts required to be supplied by the factory and locate those same parts here in the USA or through other avenues. In many cases, these parts are less expensive from Aircraft Spruce, Quality Bearings or Desser Tire than from the factory in Brazil. There are items that must be ordered from Scoda Aeronautica because they are special to the Super Petrel LS. The Muffler Tension Springs for example. These are available from Aircraft Spruce for the 912 engine types (63mm) however, they are the wrong size for the modified mufflers used on the Super Petrel LS (53mm).

There are many modified items in the airplane that are only available from the Scoda, many of these items we have in stock at Super Petrel USA in Florida.

Below is an example of the List of Disposable Replacement Parts, notice the red asterisk? These items must come from Scoda.


Replacement Parts

As we continue to increase the number of items available for purchase through sources other than the Scoda factory we will continue to add them to the list. Please remember, if you have a question about parts, review the maintenance manual and or give Super Petrel USA a call. (855) 557.7872 Your feedback is always appreciated.

Super Petrel USA and Scoda Aeronautica take customer service very serious. If you are the owner of a new aircraft or a previously owned aircraft, we welcome you to the Super Petrel family. And  that covers the disposable replacement parts list for Super Petrel.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Reference Links

Rotax 912iS – 914UL Air Filter   https://www.leadingedgeairfoils.com/air-filter-ru-0800.html


Inline Fuel Filter (change each 200 hours) ANDAIR FX375-M (not the FX375-MK sold at Aircraft Spruce-Wrong fittings)http://www.andair.co.uk/product/cleanable-fuel-filter-10mu/

Nose Gear Tire https://shop.desser.com/pc_product_detail.asp?key=39D5B73C5C2F4040BDA458BB9758E28E

Nose Tire Tube https://shop.desser.com/pc_product_detail.asp?key=39D5B73C5C2F4040BDA458BB9758E28E

Main Gear Tirehttps://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/lgpages/11-400-5_06-01573.php

Main Tire Tubehttps://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/lgpages/11-400-5_06-01573.php

Wheel Bearings 6004 DDU C3 https://www.qualitybearingsonline.com/nsk-6004-2rsc3-deep-groove-bearing-20x42x12/

Wheel Bearings 6302 DDU C3  https://www.qualitybearingsonline.com/nsk-6302-2rsc3-deep-groove-bearing-10x35x11/

Gas Spring for Main Landing gear SCODA/SPUSA Only

Brake Pads + Caliper Set SCODA/SPUSA Only

12 VDC 18AH Sealed Lead Acid